“Suggested NYC Concerts”The Wild Honey Pie

“Best Bets: May 2-5″

“Every single note was played with a combination of reckless abandon and relentless dedication. It’s definitely a gift this band possesses; the ability to play every show and give it their all in their signature balls to the wall attitude. It’s what makes them entertaining, and it’s what makes them unforgettable.” -Nadia Elkharadly, Addicted

The BOBCAST – Don’t Believe a Word I Say – Episode 5

“wicked dueling guitars, and thunderous drums. Their set totally kicked ass and made Cherry Colas shake and bob. Incredible vocals, incredible drumming, incredible guitar(s). Two beers up for this one! Definitely a highlight of the night, one of our editors has selected this set as his “Gig Of The Night”” - Terry Makedon, TMAK World

“Is there a better and more ferocious Rock band than Mad Anthony in Cincinnati right now? I don’t bloody think so… Mad Anthony proved once again that passion, unhinged energy and volume are the ingredients to the most powerful musical cocktail known to man.”
- Brian Baker, MidPoint Music Festival Review

“From the start, Mad Anthony has been one of Cincinnati’s most potent and dynamic Punk outfits, the sonic equivalent of a Muhammad Ali combination…Their new self-titled album still explodes lie a musical nail bomb while expanding the stylistic refinements of ‘Speed Metal’”
- MidPoint Music Festival Preview

“raw-melodic rock music with no gimmicks or cheese.”
- Bedside Manner

“they were smoking onstage in a psychedelic, Wolfmother-ish kind of way. A good start to the weekend!”
- Gilles LeBlanc, Music Emissions

“Thrilling Rust Belt baritone stoner-rockers in an Elvis fronting Queens Of The Stone Age-style”
- NXNE Preview

“The haunted majesty of Mad Anthony’s fourth studio album has just the right balance of instrumental textures and depth that many bands shy away from. But this band embraces the challenge, and they and we are all the better for it!”
- Phil Rainone, JerseyBeat

“‘Mad Anthony’ sees the band delivering more, highly energetic songs with fun, quirky songwriting that will surely keep you entertained from start to finish. This album has proven to be a great companion for cardio workouts as its energy travels through your headphones (or speakers) right into your body. This is an album that begs to be played LOUD.”
- Jake Ball, The Soda Shop

“Ringo Jones and Adam Flaig, along with drummer Marc Sherlock, doing more with less and going back to basics are mantras that they’ve applied to all aspects of the band.
- Top 9 Things To Do,

“From the first track on their eponymous new album, Man Anthony made me say, “Is this a new, improved Toadies?””
- The Not-Pop JukeBox

“an album that hearkens back to Rock & Roll’s birth. But far from being one-dimensional, the album celebrates much of what makes Rock & Roll so dynamic. Jones’ lyrics sprinkle the 12 tracks with tales from the road, stories of the blue-collar worker and one cleverly disguised middle finger to crappy shows in small towns. The trio then brought in elements of Metal, Rock, Punk, Blues, Funk and (believe it or not) Pop to give each song its own identity.”
-Nick Grever, CityBeat

“good old fashioned rock and roll. The unique changes in tempo, the pounding drums and the rough, demanding voice of lead singer Ringo Jones will keep you interested every step of the way.”
-Daniele Cusentino, Metromix Cincinnati

“Mad Anthony’s new single is a new twist on the sound from which we all discovered that we couldn’t live without music.”

Mad Anthony on Eleventh Hour


“(Mad Anthony’s) sound embodies the late-’80s buzz saw guitar approach of Ohio legends like Afghan Whigs and Prisonshake, with the vocal delivery of Eric Burden and The Animals.
- Gary S. Angelo, Tribune Chronicle

“To see them live is an experience: illuminated amplification, rock-god postures and dreamboat harmonies. Imagine the Black Keys (with another guitarist) sounding nothing like the Black Keys, maybe sounding more like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with a touch of Black Sabbath — and damn, that’s blackened — but with the utmost touch of accessibility sprinkled over an actual rock and roll band.”
- W.C. Ruffnel, Dayton City Paper

“If it doesn’t have you bounding around your neighborhood in a tinfoil hat, moist and incoherent, you’re probably too far gone, anyway. Rock n’ roll, you creeps!”
- SLUG Magazine

For a group of unassuming, good looking young men, their loud and fast punk rock sound was somewhat surprising, but definitely welcome.  Playing with intensity, Jones, guitarist Adam Flaig and drummer Marc Sherlock played the small Cherry’s stage like it was a multi thousand seat arena.
- Toronto Examiner

Ringo knows how to school, and steers Mad Anthony’s bombastic, yet surgically precise sonic hammer with his cutting Danzig croon, while Marc makes splinters out of his searing drumsticks and guitarist Adam Flaig tears his axe apart with his bare hands.
- Bovine Sex Club

Mad Anthony has created a recognizable yet individual sound and a live show that is powerful, fun, and memorable. Their raucous, garage-based rock and roll is ideal for motivation, driving, and punching large, carnivorous animals, but since their last release, …I Spent All My Money on Speed Metal, they have shown incredible depth in song construction, with their more down-tempo numbers full of evocative guitar work and subtly emotional songwriting. This is a band that is evolving rapidly toward transcendence and it’s imperative to get acquainted with them while they’re still playing intimate venues.
- Always Wear Dress Socks

The music isn’t much like anything you’ve heard before, I can guarantee that. Mad Anthony have a true and unique sound that can’t be compared to much anything else. Quirky songwriting, big sound, great production and catchy tunes…
- The Soda Shop

“Frontman Ringo Jones sounds anything but raspy on their newest song ‘Bear Attack.’ His voice is thick and deep enough to scare off any wild animal.”
- ROCKthusiast (via Alan Cross)

“Mad Anthony and The Yellow Belts are bands that are so good, they are living proof that real rock and roll isn’t dead… If you buy only 1 piece of vinyl this year, this split is the one to get.”
- The Soda Shop

“Everything about the packaging here had me hooked before I heard a note. This is vinyl geek heaven-it’s a split release on mustard yellowish-ish vinyl, with a cover that feels like it was hand silk-screened back in the days before Photoshop… To sweeten the deal here, both bands are fantastic! …“Bear Attack” slugs you like a drunken Danko Jones song. It is a bottom heavy, heavy-handed lump of mid-tempo force.”
- Jersey Beat

“Mad Anthony and The Yellow Belts complement each other perfectly… Both songs are pulled off with ferocity and fervor, making it a completely enjoyable 6:54. If you’re into rock, you’ll be into this.”
- Independent Clauses

“With a ton of work put into their sound and a performance that’s already top-notch, you’re sure to be entertained. And you could always throw a beer bottle at them, for old time’s sake.”
- Streetvibes

An interview we did with a Spanish music blog (warning: google translator slaughters this interview. Original English interview here)

“after a few listens through the album, I like it quite a bit. Jones’ strange voice adds an interesting element to the bands’ thick and heavy garage rock. Every song on this album is different from the next, and the guitar work and rhythms are exceptional”
- SLUG Magazine

“Wow. This 7″ is killer. Mad Anthony are a Cincinnati, OH based band who play a sweet style of Punk and garage rock that channels the swagger and snottiness of The Icarus Line and adds the sonic dissonance of bands like Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt”
- The Elementary Revolt

“These songs are fist-pounding, headbanging rock’n’roll. The melodies are great, the band is tight, and the overall cool is top-notch… Mad Anthony’s …I Spent All My Money on Speed Metal does have one thing in common with the rest of the Phratry releases: it’s written by guys who did their homework and are subsequently on top of their game.”
- Independent Clauses

“Bear Attack” is Mad Anthony’s high octane rocker with growly, almost drunken vocals.”
- Snob’s Music Reviews

“Mad love for Danzig-esque howls and crunchy Middle Earth ghetto rock assaults!”
- Roctober Magazine

“So what does Mad Anthony play exactly? From its volume and breakneck vigor, it’s Punk, pure and simple, but there is so much more at work here. Vocalist/guitarist Ringo Jones is like Iggy Pop channeling the spirit of Mississippi John Hurt in a Dead Boys tribute, screaming until the veins in his neck stand out like bridge cable under his skin. When Jones and guitarist/vocalist Adam Flaig start trading riffs, there’s a galloping rhythm that suggests Dave Alvin in his seminal Blasters days with a live power line down his trousers. And the rhythm section of power bassist Dave Markey and new drummer Marc Sherlock is thunder personified… If you see the name Mad Anthony on a telephone pole, get the information and get there. It will change you.”
- Midpoint Music Festival 2010 Review

“Like the best Punk, Mad Anthony is so much more than just Punk. On their debut full-length, I Spent All My Money on Speed Metal, the Cincinnati quartet embraces Pop, Soul, Prog and Jazz in much the same way that a python embraces dinner — by squeezing it until the lights dim and then devouring it whole. Mad Anthony makes swinging, swaggering Punk that elbows up to the same bar as The Afghan Whigs, The Stooges, Jawbox and other uniquely-bent purveyors of volume, mayhem and adrenaline. The tumult they create is the soundtrack to a flaming, high-speed car chase using a six-string chainsaw.”
Midpoint Music Festival 2010 Preview

“This band packs a punch of catchy rhythms and in your face rock, leaving you with something stuck in your head by the end of the setlist. Unorthodox lead vocalist/guitarist Ringo Jones will give you one of the most enthusiastic and entertaining shows that you won’t forget”

“driving listeners along in vaguely understated fashion (for Punk) to a highly danceable yet sociological conclusion. The hanging ending is a bit of genius”
Wildy’s World

“Sometimes sinister and often sexy, Mad Anthony’s version of soulful Post Punk will leave many an ass kicked.”
Midpoint Music Festival 2009 Preview

“Mad Anthony had no props, just loud, fast and fun rock ‘n’ roll of the post-punk variety. It was a sound too big for the Courtyard Café, and Mad Anthony seemed to know it.”
The Cincinnati Enquirer

“It rings with a debaucherous rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the classic Touch & Go Records”
- Metromix: Bands to Know

“I don’t know if there’s a band in the city right now that approaches Mad Anthony’s live intensity.”
- CityBeat: Midpoint Music Review 2009

“After you hear these guys, you won’t want to stop.”
- Taste of Cincinnati Festival Guide

“Mad Anthony’s traditional sound may not be particularly groundbreaking, but they are certainly competent musicians, incorporating classic rock elements with some punk rock elements.”
- Delusions of Adequacy


“you can tell these dudes like to have a good time and it shows in their music, so they get major points for that.”
- Razorcake

“The band displays a more sophisticated than usual sense of building melodies, and throwing in rhythm or tempo changes but without sounding like they’re trying to impress anyone”
- Eric Savage – Jersey Beat Magazine

“Garage rock that transcends trashiness with some arena riffage. I ain’t mad at you big Tony”
- Roctober Magazine

“…the right feeling with Mad Anthony resulted in a sound that suggested a jittery, psychedelicized New Wave spin on the Toadies, with flecks of the Misfits, Fugazi and Electric Six thrown in for color and texture.”
- CityBeat

“MA’s screaming Garage Punk gets a Psychobilly injection courtesy of guitarist/singer Ringo Jones’ menacing vocals. Their recently released five-song EP is full of soulful, sexy tunes that demand sweat and booze.”
- Spill It: A Music Blog

“Mad Anthony is one of the bands that deserves your attention”
- CinWeekly

“A four-piece rock and roll outfit with an ever-evolving sound, Mad Anthony has found its way through the failures of their past band. This time, the band is doing it right led by Ringo their lead singer. Their sound is guitar driven and characterized by Ringo’s distinct voice.”

“Mad Anthony performs hard rock of Danzig proportions. Meeeow”
- Metromix

“straight up punk rock, set to the beating of hard pounding drums and layers of guitar effects…Mad Anthony now has the support and mindset to take the local music scene by storm. I guess you could even say they sound a bit like a storm. One big, mad storm.”

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